Happy Rhodes

Record Details



  1. Feed the Fire -:-- / 4:35
  2. The Wretches Gone Awry -:-- / 2:36
  3. Ode -:-- / 4:13
  4. I Say -:-- / 5:41
  5. Save Our Souls -:-- / 5:31
  6. The Revelation -:-- / 3:04
  7. Because I Learn -:-- / 3:43
  8. If So -:-- / 3:40
  9. Given In -:-- / 4:11
  10. In Hiding -:-- / 3:31
  11. I Have a Heart -:-- / 4:44
  12. Ashes to Ashes -:-- / 3:46
  13. Let Me Know, Love -:-- / 3:26
  14. Temporary and Eternal -:-- / 4:49
  15. Summer -:-- / 3:06
  16. Feed the Fire (acoustic version) -:-- / -:--

A collection of quieter songs from Rhodes’ first 6 albums, with an emphasis on the first 4. It also included acoustic versions of earlier songs and a cover of David Bowie’s “Ashes To Ashes,” as well as the Acoustic Tribute Version of the song “Feed The Fire,” a song originally written to pay homage to musicians Rhodes admired. The special version included snippets of songs by Kate Bush, Yes and David Bowie.

In the early summer of ’93, we produced HR5, a 5-song promotional disc for radio stations only. The idea was to spotlight a side of Happy Rhodes that programmers might not be familiar with. The response was phenomenal, especially to Happy’s acoustic cover of the Bowie classic, “Ashes To Ashes”, and her own “Tribute Version” of her hit “Feed The Fire.” As the airplay of HR5 grew and grew, so did the demand for these songs to be released commercially. Hence, “RhodeSongs”.

The idea behind “RhodeSongs” is to give a retrospective glimpse of Happy’s recording history to the thousands of new listeners HR5 has created and to make available these unique acoustic versions and a few added surprises, to her long-standing legion of fans and supporters. Lastly, it must be noted that for the sake of continuity, all these selections depict the quieter side of an artist whose range is unbounded…..ENJOY!

Aural Gratification

released September 1, 1993

Happy Rhodes – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Kevin Bartlett – Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Chuck D’Aloia – Nylon String Guitar
Ray Jung – Bass

Produced by Happy Rhodes and Kevin Bartlett
Engineered by Pat Tessitore at Cathedral Sound Studios, Rensselaer, NY

“Ashes To Ashes” – by David Bowie – Tintoretto Music, Fleur Music, Administered by Screen Gems / EMI
“Feed The Fire” (Acoustic Tribute Version) features lines from:
“Long Distance Runaround” – Jon Anderson, Topographic Music, Ltd., Administered by WB Music
“Running Up That Hill” – Kate Bush, Kate Bush Music Ltd.,
“Starman” – David Bowie, Tintoretto Music, Fleur Music, Moth Music, Administered by Chrysalis Music, Screen Gems / EMI