Many Worlds Are Born Tonight

Happy Rhodes

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  1. One and Many -:-- / 4:33
  2. Little Brother -:-- / 4:36
  3. Find Me -:-- / 5:12
  4. She Won’t Go -:-- / 3:56
  5. Here and Hereafter -:-- / 4:18
  6. Charlie -:-- / 4:01
  7. Can’t Let Go -:-- / 5:29
  8. Queen -:-- / 4:34
  9. Treehouse -:-- / 6:22
  10. Chosen One -:-- / 3:46
  11. Fall -:-- / 4:49

Happy Rhodes 8th studio album.

All Music Review:

“Many Worlds Are Born Tonight is an impressive assemblage that echoes the past glories of David Sylvian, Alison Moyet, and Kate Bush.”

Expose review:

“Happy Rhodes is now at her eighth studio album, and it is her first to be released on a label other than her own Aural Gratification. This album is full of all the things Happy Rhodes fans love: tight arrangements combining programming and live playing; elliptical, if not downright impenetrable, lyrics; a disregard for songwriting structures and clichés; and her unmistakable voice.

Her voice – her voices – are undoubtedly the defining factor. There’s the upper register, eerily like Kate Bush at times, the creepy low voice which is almost a bass but not masculine, the breathy exhalation, the tinny little voice, and many others, both natural and electronically altered.

Musically, the trend of Building the Colossus and Warpaint is continued, with keyboards rather than acoustic guitar dominating. And while downright catchy at times, the music is too  more

released September 1, 1998

Happy Rhodes — Nylon String Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Hand Percussion
Kevin Bartlett — Harmonic, Shadow and Original E-bow, Bass, Bass Loops, Drippy Bass, Hand Percussion, Jug, Vase, Linguini Grill, Log Drums, Bongos, Mini Djembe and Chime
Jerry Marotta — Drums, Barney Rubble Drums, Nails of Goat and “Oh”
Carl Adami — Bass and BassLoopie Things
Rob Taylor — Violin
Kelly Bird — Additional Voices on “Proof”
Mitch Elrod — Additional Voices on “Proof”

Produced by Happy Rhodes.
Engineered by Happy Rhodes with additional tracking by Kevin Bartlett at Aural Gratification
All vocals engineered by Kevin Bartlett

original release date: 1998