Building The Colossus

Happy Rhodes

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  1. Hold Me -:-- / 4:39
  2. Just Like Tivoli -:-- / 6:04
  3. Dying -:-- / 5:43
  4. Collective Heart -:-- / 4:43
  5. Building the Colossus -:-- / 4:18
  6. Omar -:-- / 4:47
  7. Pride -:-- / 2:39
  8. You Never Told Me -:-- / 5:03
  9. If I Ever See That Girl Again -:-- / 5:33
  10. Down, Down -:-- / 6:15
  11. Big Dreams, Big Life -:-- / 2:30
  12. glory -:-- / 6:00

Building The Colossus (1994) is the eighth album by American singer-songwriter Happy Rhodes.

AllMusic Review by Evan Cater:

With Building the Colossus Happy Rhodes took a gentle step in the direction of radio-friendly pop music. The album is more accessible than its predecessors, taking a more straightforward approach both in the songwriting and in the arrangements. It’s no surprise, then, that the album contains Happy’s first college radio hit, “Collective Heart,” which has an unusually strong hook for a Happy Rhodes song. And it’s not the only track on the album to fit that description. For example, “Hold Me,” with its uncharacteristically simple romantic lyrics and catchy chorus, seems as marketable as anything she’s every written. Rhodes and co-producer Kevin Bartlett also rely less heavily on electronics than they have on previous albums, augmenting the familiar synthesizers and electric guitars with nylon and 12-string acoustic guitars. The pretty “Big Dreams, Big Life” eschews electronica entirely, opting for a simple arrangement of acoustic guitar and cello. This song, as well as the stripped down “Omar,” anticipate the wholly unplugged sound of her next release, The Keep.

released January 1, 1994

Happy Rhodes: Vocals, Electronic Percussion, Keyboards, Nylon String Guitar, 12-String Guitar:, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Organ

Kevin Bartlett: Electric Guitar, E-Bow Guitar, 12-String Guitar, 6-Strong Guitar, Nukelele Island Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electronic Percussion, Bass, Electric Bass, Synth Bass, Wacka-Wacka, Keyboards

David Torn: Electronic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Seismic Anomalic Electric Guitar, Loops, Subliminal Guitar Loop,

Jerry Marotta: Drums, Toms, Percussion

Dave Sepowski: Electric Guitar

Chuck D’Aloia: Slide Guitars, Nylon String Guitar

Peter Sheehan: Additional Percussion

Monica Wilson: Cello

Chatter in “Glory” by: Happy Rhodes, Kelly Bird, Karen Campbell, Rachael Cooper, Theresa Burns Parkhurst, Amy Abdou, Abba Rage

Produced by Happy Rhodes and Kevin Bartlett
All material written, arranged and sung by Happy Rhodes
Recorded at Cathedral Sound Studios in Rensselaer, NY
Engineered by Pat Tessitore
Mixed by George Cowan at Bearsville Studios in Bearsville, NY
Mastering performed by Dr. Toby Mountain at Northeaster Digital Recording

all rights reserved